Vines Unknown: Exploring Rosés of Provence


Our journey in this segment takes us to the wonderful region of Provence, where some of the most desirable rosés come from in France.

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Vines Unknown Series: Exploring Rosés of Provence
Special Guests: Madeleine Premmereur, winemaker & director of Château Barbebelle ​& Patrick Walsh of Provence Wine Imports
Sunday, July 12th @ 4:00pm

Our journey in this segment takes us to the wonderful region of Provence, where some of the most desirable rosés come from in France. Rosé season is upon us and this is a great opportunity to begin understanding and exploring this forgotten category that has made a comeback in the last 7 years. Join us as we demystify the misconceptions of what rosés really are and how they drink.

Featured Rosés – Cuvée Mistral Rosé and Chateau Barbebelle Rosé

As a special treat, Medeleine is joining us live from Provence, France for this truly exceptional webinar!

Madeleine Premmereur is the 4th generation winemaker and director of the Château Barbebelle, located in Rognes, about 12 miles northwest of Aix-en-Provence. Born and raised on the Château, Madeleine studied at the Sorbonne in Paris and the EDHEC Business School in Lille, and returned 5 years ago, at the age of 25 years old, to take the reins of Château Barbebelle alongside her father, as the youngest director of a Château in the Provence region.

Today, Madeleine and her husband Valentin work together with passion, love and especially with a great complementarity. Valentin takes care of the vineyards and Madeleine of the commercial, communication, all the development strategy part and the administrative part.

The range of rosés from Château Barbebelle that we are going to taste:

The recently added premium line, called “Héritage”, underscores the four generations of family winemaking experience. It is a gastronomic line best paired with food.

The flagship line Cuvée “Madeleine”, named by Madeleine’s father in her honor, works well as an apéritif wine or as one to accompany food.

The Barbebelle “Rosé Fleuri” is an entry level rosé perfect for quaffing by the pool or enjoying with lunch in a casual café.

About Château Barbebelle:

Château Barbebelle is situated on lands cultivated by Romans, a typical château from 16th centuries, 45 hectares of vines in a preserved and authentic 300 hectares nature.

It is one of the oldest vineyard of Aix en Provence and the stronghold of the Herbeau family. An history that continues with the 4th generation: Madeleine decided to join her father to write in four hands the future of the family business. Together, they intend to continue to consolidate the reputation of home wines, and highlight the qualities and the typicity of their terroir in France and in many countries.