Valentine’s Kleos Cocktail Webinar


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Dreading COVID Valentine’s Day?
So were we until our good friend Effie Panagopoulos, KLEOS Mastiha Founder, asked us to make our favorite KLEOS drink that “gets us in the mood”!

Will you be ours and join us?

Kleos Valentine’s Cocktail Webinar
Thursday, February 11th | 7 pm

Join us for our second Kleos cocktail webinar with founder, Effie Panagopoulos. Our first webinar with Effie had an overwhelming audience and we expect the same if not more this time around. Effie talks to us about the origins and amazing health properties of Mastiha, and her journey in becoming the first Greek woman to start a spirits brand!

Kleos is currently the hottest Greek spirit brand in the U.S. and is making its way on the shelves of the hottest cocktail bars across the country.

For the Valentine’s Day holiday, Effie will be demonstrating the Mighty Aphrodite cocktail. This drink will definitely fire things up on your special day with your loved one!

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