Fistful of Bourbon Cocktail Webinar


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Fistful of Bourbon Cocktail Webinar
Thursday, October 1st at 7pm EST | Free
Special Guest: Anthony Bohlinger, Fistful U.S. National Brand Ambassador

Join us for this amazingly fun whiskey webinar featuring the Fistful of Bourbon brand and its’ ambassador Anthony Bohlinger. Anthony’s wealth of experience and cocktail forte shines through. He travels the country inspiring bartenders, consumers, and spirits enthusiasts alike to bring the cowboy persona and punch of irreverence that is Fistful of Bourbon to life.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions and leading up to Fistful of Bourbon’s official national launch in September 2020, Anthony and the team pivoted to bring the brand’s persona and love for Hollywood spaghetti westerns to life virtually with podcast interviews, IG takeovers, virtual tastings and more.

Anthony has also spearheaded a series of digital duels with influencers and media; whoever can open their bottle, pour and do a shot the fastest is proclaimed the fastest bourbon slinger this side of the Mississippi.

To learn more about Fistful of Bourbon, visit the Fistful of Bourbon website.

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